About Us


The mission of the 32nd Judicial District Community Supervision and Corrections Department in Nolan, Mitchell, and Fisher County, Texas is to provide protection to the community and to divert adult criminal offenders from jail and prison, by diligent supervision of offenders through the use of a continuum of sanctions; offer opportunity and motivation for offenders to lead a productive pro-social lifestyle; enhance utilization of existing community supervision services; and increase community support and involvement in the rehabilitation of offenders.


WHO WE ARE Core Values

As employees of the 32nd Judicial District Community Supervisions and Corrections Department:

  • We believe our employees are out most valuable resources
  • We believe that probation supervision is a viable, cost effective method of holding selected offenders accountable.
  • We believe in being sensitive to the needs of victims of crime.
  • We believe that offenders are capable of changing behavior and are deserving of our best efforts to facilitate life changes.
  • We believe safety is the primary concern for ourselves and the community.
  • We believe all individuals should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • We believe in conducting ourselves in a manner that promotes the integrity of the Court and the credibility of probation.
  • We believe in a style of management that involves the Court, staff, probationers and the community.
  • We believe in creating and maintaining a supportive climate, conducive to individual growth, creativity and fulfillment.
  • We believe that motivating change is preferable to forced compliance.
  • We believe in an ongoing commitment to improve our services.
  • We believe our actions reflect our values